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hey, i’m gaëlle !

Well hello there! My name is Gaëlle and I'm a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher who lives in London. I’m originally Lebanese. I’m pretty adventurous, always curious to learn and believe I’m an old soul, who is kind and loves to inspire others to live a healthy loving life ! Amen to that !

My journey to the mat

I’ve always loved moving my body but in my early years, I loved a good sweat. I regularly went boxing, diving, and in 2022 in the midst of COVID, I ran my first marathon alone in the city of London. Naturally, my journey with yoga began in the heat of sweaty classes. In 2022, I tore my ACL while skiing (read more about this here), and that incident marked a significant turning point in how I approached physical activity.

After enduring three surgeries, a difficult heartbreak and grappling with eating disorders for more than 10 years, I discovered solace in the practice of yoga. I started my yoga teacher training with one goal in mind: to reconnect with my body but what I learned transcended the physical and decided to share what helped me with other souls. If you want to read more about my teacher training, head to my blog section!

I’d love to help you find your light ♡ Schedule a 1:1 with me

Some facts about me

Never met a dog I didn’t like; I could live on a farm

I believe in the existence of God.

I love to nourish my body with nutritious food

I read whatever I can get my hands on

I act based on intuition rather than logic

My personality type is ENFJ-A

My Mission

My mission is to inspire and encourage you to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery by reconnecting with the divine intelligence within your body, embracing your inner balance, and cultivating a loving relationship with yourself so you fully unlock your potential.


My teaching style is Vinyasa based and my approach to yoga is holistic, combining pranayama and meditation, while drawing inspiration from the elements and chakras. Explore the intricate balance between fast-paced sequences and moments of deliberate slowness. You can expect strength, anatomical awareness, and fluidity to merge in a dynamic yet soothing flow. The tempo will undulate, guiding you through a rhythmic experience that challenges both your physical prowess and mental focus. By sharing my practice, I aim to create a space where you can rediscover self-love, foster self-discovery, healing, and inspiration.

Let's Work Together