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What is this love that is so genuine? What is this love that is so selfless?
I have never experienced these feelings with any human. So pure. So rewarding. So mutual.

Thank you for coming to our life and changing the everyday.

I am in love in every way possible. You bring me pure happiness. As if nothing would ever be enough to make it up.

When you are sad, I am sad. I worry about you like I would worry about a child. I don’t even know what motherhood would feel like. It must be so hard. Yet so beautiful.

Thank you for making me enjoy every second of the time home. Thank you for reuniting us. Thank you for bringing us together.
You are literally the best companion I have ever had in my last 25 years of existence. Nothing has ever put me in a meditative state as he does (when I am with him, I just live the now, as so many books have described it over and over again)

When you jump, we laugh. When you are punished, we are aching. We can’t leave you alone, because it hurts more than being alone. I love the way you smile, the way you snore, I even love the way you fart!!!! I love you with all your imperfections.