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The universe will wink at you. And it’s absolutely heartwarming when you start noticing these pings, winks, synchronicities happening during your days. It’s hard to put into words because these are so subtle but they feel absolutely amazing. You will feel seen, heard and understood. You will understand that you are walking the right path for yourself, the one that aligns you to your true self.

And if you don’t see them, or feel you’ve been tripping over yourself lately, then that’s also the universe telling you something must change. You are not in alignment. What that feels like is you forget about things you have to do, you lose your stuff, people get angry at you for letting them down some way or another, you feel stressed, you can’t sleep, the list goes on. And if you’re like me, you will keep walking in the opposite direction of the wind until a major incident comes knocking you down (hopefully you’ll realize this before) but yeah. This to say the universe will keep coming at you and the incidents become bigger and more shaky, until you decide to wake up and see. Then you cannot unsee.

“What you truly seek has always been seeking you. What you never really wanted, you’ll never receive anyways, and will leave soon enough.”