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Yoga retreats

Natalia (Executive Coach) and I organized our first weekend retreat just outside of London where we combined yoga, breathwork, hypnosis, ecstatic dancing, meditation, journaling, self-development and other little surprises in the serene setting of Kent.

Participants enjoyed personal transformation in a supportive environment, connecting with like-minded individuals on a similar journey. It was a time to reset and leave with a renewed sense of purpose, all while indulging in wholesome, nourishing meals prepared with care.

We’ve learned a lot but also received exceptional feedback hence why we are planning season 2 in the Fall ! Subscribe to my newsletter to receive updates on when and where it will take place.


Join Anna and I for rejuvenating yoga sessions in Holland park on weekends!

We usually begin with guided journaling, followed by gentle breathwork and meditation to awaken the senses and calm our minds, setting the stage for a yoga flow suitable for all levels, followed by a soothing Savasana and reflection. We then leave some space for everyone to mingle and enjoy nourishing refreshments together.

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