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Have you ever felt like a year has flashed by in what feels like a blink of an eye, yet other times feel like a week has weighed on you like what seems to be a month?

Some days, I feel like I am jumping time and space in the matrix of life. What I have come to realize is that Time, like many other concepts, is a social construct.

For those who ache, fear or hurt, Time is slow.
For those who rejoice, Time is fast.
For those who love, Time is eternal.

Civilizations have evolved to define time in order to measure productivity, organize days and make sense of different events.

Today, time has become limiting.
It puts us on a scale, where we are either past, present or future.

What if we thought of time as a non-linear dimension? What if past, present and future all lied on the same point of a multi-dimensional axis?

We hear of people preaching about manifesting thoughts into our future, but what if, in accordance to quantum physics, the future influenced our present but also, our past?

“The position of a particle is described by a wave function, which provides the probabilities of finding the particle at any number of different places, or superposition. It is only when the particle is observed, and the wave function collapses, that the particle is definitively located in one particular place or another. So, in quantum theory, unlike in classical physics, there is a difference between what we see and what actually exists. In fact, the very act of observation affects the observed particle. A theory known as “retro-causality” suggests that a particle can run backwards through time to the point where it is entangled and affects its partner that way.”

In practical meaning, what if, when you are afraid, perhaps excited, or even drawn into a specific place or person, it is actually your Future, influencing it?

Which leads me to make sense of our gut feeling.

Our guts don’t follow time, it speaks to us.

What if the gut is unaffected by time, and knows the TRUTH, whether this truth lies in the brain’s conceived time of past, present or future?